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Hey, I’m Adrian! I’m an award-winning Canadian filmmaker (based out of Grimsby, ON) specializing in post production with over a decade of experience. In June of 2016, I graduated with honours from Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts Film Studies program (Bachelor of Fine Arts). I was also the recipient of the 2016 HSBC Filmmaker Award for Best Post Production for the thesis films I edited. Throughout my career, I have worked as an editor, assistant editor, and post supervisor on both short and long-form media (narrative fiction, documentary, experimental, corporate, etc).

I possess a deep passion for motion pictures and storytelling, particularly in exploring how editing, visual effects, sound design, and score can enhance the visual medium. With a strong grasp of the entire pipeline, I thrive in collaborative environments and am eager to contribute to your next project, from conception to completion. As a skilled communicator, I excel as a team player while also taking on leadership roles when needed. I’m detail-oriented, highly organized, and adept at solving technical problems with efficiency and effectiveness.

I work with all major non-linear editing systems, including Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. I also have considerable experience in sound design (Avid Pro Tools, iZotope RX) and motion graphics (Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator). Additionally, I run a fully equipped home editing suite and screening room, facilitating seamless remote or hybrid workflow if required.


Below are a few select film and television projects I’ve had the great pleasure of working on as part of the post production team. You can also visit my IMDb profile for more credits. For some examples of my corporate video editing work, please contact me.

Cursed Films II
Docu Series, 2022
Directed by Jay Cheel
– Post Supervisor & 1st AE –

Docu Feature, 2022
Directed by Kevin Hegge
– Assistant Editor –

Cursed Films
Docu Series, 2019
Directed by Jay Cheel
– 1st Assistant Editor –

Business Ethics
Feature Fiction, 2019
Directed by Nick Wernham
– 1st Assistant Editor –

Fiction Series, 2019
Directed by Jason Lapeyre
– 1st Assistant Editor –

Feature Fiction, 2018
Directed by Joseph Procopio
– Additional Editor & 1st AE –

The Padre
Feature Fiction, 2018
Directed by Jonathan Sobol
– 1st Assistant Editor –

United We Fan
Docu Feature, 2018
Directed by Michael Sparaga
– 1st Assistant Editor –

Bogo the Clown
Short Fiction, 2016
Directed by Greg Fox
– Film Editor –

Short Fiction, 2016
Directed by Peter Lilly
– Film Editor –

Short Fiction, 2016
Directed by Aliks Chen
& Dylan Simmons
– Film Editor –

A Life’s Worth
Docu Short, 2015
Directed by Greg Fox
& Gorjan Veletic
– Film Editor –